Saturday, 31 March 2018

How to add a Youtube subscribe button on blogger | Blogger | Youtube

Hi, in this post we will tell you how to add youtube subscribe button to blogger.
let people know that you are also on youtube.

πŸ‘€lets see, what we need to do.

Go to link:
Scroll down and click ADD A BUTTON under the name Subscribe Buttons
or directly go to this link:

Configure your subscribe button by adding your youtube channel id
and set your preferences for :
  • Layout (default or full)
  • Theme (default or dark) and
  • Subscriber count (default shown or hidden)

Now copy your code provided after preview
And paste in your blog by adding HTML/JavaScript Gadget to your blog.



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Monday, 26 March 2018

How to write/type urdu On PC/Laptop | Pak Urdu Installer | how to download urdu typing software?

You want to type Urdu documents in MS Word or want to search on Google or any other search Engine in Urdu. Here we have a solution i.e. Pak Urdu installer software. Type Urdu on MS word, Facebook, Photoshop and anywhere on Internet or Computer.
Download it from here: Urdu typing software PAK Urdu Installer
πŸ‘‰Now right click and Run as Administrator
πŸ‘‰Now click Next and then click Install.

πŸ‘‰Final step (Restart PC): Choose Yes if you want to Restart immediately otherwise No if you want to restart later, then click Finish.
πŸ‘€NOTE: Restart is must required.
πŸ‘‰After restarting, go to the task bar and change your language preferences from ENG to URDU when you want to type Urdu.
Here you see ENG changes to Urdu Ψ’Ψ±
Also see video if you didn't get it right.

Pak Urdu installer KEYBOARDπŸ’» Layout:

Shift key

ALTGr key

ALTGr + Shift key
For more information Visit: Pak Urdu Installer

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

What is the Difference between and | .ORG VS .COM | Who is your website host on Wordpress?

What is the difference between & Which is better?  You might be wondering about this answer, aren't you? or
let's see πŸ‘€

WordPress.COM vs. WordPress.ORG

The major thing to clear is that who is hosting your website. Either or is a self-hosted platform i.e. you host your own website or blog. It is an open source and totally free software for everyone to use. You can download it from . For using this software all you need is a domain name and web hosting. Recommended web hosting platform for is Bluehost or Pressable. Here all content belongs to you. Even you can also place ads and monetize your website/blog.

WordPress.COM vs. WordPress.ORG

On the other hand, does not require hosting. It manages all of the hosting for you itself. You also do not need to download software, or manage the web server or pay for hosting. You get a subdomain ( Its hosting service includes 4 plans: 
Free - $0 for life - but limited - 3GB storage space
Personal - $4 per month - billed yearly - 6GB storage space
Premium - $8 per month - billed yearly - 13GB storage space
Business - $25 per month - billed yearly - Unlimited storage space

Versatile plans and pricing

To see full comparison plans please visit: Plans

You do not own the content in WordPress owns it and thus they can close your blog/website whenever they want to. Its benefit is that you do not need to worry about backup or updates. takes care of it.


Hope you got the idea about WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG!
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Friday, 9 March 2018

The best Blogging sites | Blogger,WORDPRESS,Tumblr, WEEBLY,WiX ... | FREE Blogging platforms 2018

You own a business, have great writing skills, or an artist or you are passionate about modern technology. And need a website or blog to grow your business alongside where you do not want to spend money. Then we have some best blogging sites for you.
Creating a blog is very good if you have any hobby or want to share your life experiences. you do not need any design and development skills to carry on. Blogging sites are easy to use without any prior knowledge. Almost every blog come with different themes and designs to choose, beautiful fonts, plugins, colors etc. Moreover you can also add media contents such as: images, videos or links to other sites.
Following are some of the best blogging sites available free (and also paid if you want to make it to the professional level):


WordPress is a free, online, worldwide open source blogging platform. A content management system (CMS) written in PHP and MySQL. It is an easy to use platform. You have different kinds of themes to choose according to your topic. Its basic plan is free starting from $0 but you have to pay for premium ones. It provides two services i.e. online ( and self hosted( Moreover, you can also buy additional services like custom domain name, extra storage. In comparison, has more features instead of


Blogger is also a free blog-site written in Python, acquired by Google since 2003, developed by Pyra labs. You need a google account in order to use this service. The blogs are generally hosted by google with the extension (like

Blogger is easy to use, no professional skills are required. User can have max. 100 blogs per account. You can use it as a personal blogger or as a hobbyist. It is available in many languages from English to Vietnamese. There are many templates which you can choose according to your taste and then customize them. or you can also create your own templates using CSS styles. Its major benefits include: free, easy management, included hosting and subdomain.


Tumblr is a microblogging, social networking site, owned presently by Oath Inc. (previously by Yahoo! Inc.). It is a great blogging platform for bloggers who want to share short contents like images, quotes, micro-blogs, videos, audios, Chat, fashion, art, GIFs, TV shows, Short-Stories etc. Like Blogger, you get a subdomain (like You can also add your own custom domain.

Tumblr blogs are also easy to use no prior skills are required. Its interface is very user friendly. It has social networking features like: following, re-blogging, sharing tools. Moreover, bloggers can also make their blog private. Almost all of the features can be accessed from the 'dashboard' interface.

SquareSpace is a software based content management system (CMS) including services: integrated website builder, blogging and commerce platform, hosting service and domain registration. You cannot use any other hosting service but Squarespace.

Squarespace is excellent to use when you need a visually expressive website or blog. No coding is required, only drag and drop tools are used. You can easily create and maintain your website, blog and online stores. It also offers a wide range of templates which you can choose according to your needs.


Wix is also a hosted platform available worldwide. It was first developed by Israel company also called Wix. It's easy to use i.e. it also offers website building drag and drop tools like Squarespace but with advanced mode.

Wix provides additional services like: social plug-ins e.g. e-commerce, contact forms, e-mail marketing and other third party applications. You also get a subdomain (like Moreover like tumblr and blogger, you can also add your own custom domain. Its premium features include: earning revenues, removing wix-ads, add e-commerce capabilities, connect sites, or buying extra data storage.


Ghost is a fully open source, hackable platform for blogging and running a modern online publication. Ghost is coded in Node.js and JavaScript, based on Google's V8. It is available as a hosted platform as well as a free software to install.

Ghost is mainly built for writing blog posts. It provides plug-ins and extensions like SEO, comment, social media etc. Apart from above no other external plug-ins are for Ghost.

Web hosting

To conclude, these are not only the blogging platforms available. There are more like Weebly, Joomla, Medium. Now it is up to you that which blogging platform best suits your content and ideas. According to researches, WordPress is best to use. But I think each and every blog platform has its own place in the market.

As said by William Blake:

"Everything is beautiful in its own place. Exuberance is beauty."

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Friday, 2 March 2018

How to download/install Mathtype for free | Software for typing Math equations | Equation editor

Need to add math equation to word documents or assignments?
Here is how you can make it possible.
Download the math type software in order to write complex equations, all in electronic forms.
Math-Type is an excellent Equation Editor, compatible with Microsoft office tools i.e. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
Math-type Equation Editor
Please follow the following steps to download the software and write your complex mathematical equations using MathType-Equation Editor.

πŸ‘‰Go to this link: install -> Mathtype.exe
and download MathType software with
serial key: download -> Mathtype serial key.txt
πŸ‘Download complete single folder here:
Math type with serial key
➽ Accept the MathType End-user license agreement. and click Next >

➽ After installation:
Copy the serial key from Serial keys.txt and fill the other required info. and then click Next.

Web hosting
➽ Installation complete...
➽ Click Exit Setup.
Mathtype was successfully installed.
Enjoy the Equation Editor!


✋If this seems difficult, you can also view the following video to easily install Mathtype.πŸ‘€

Hope it was helpful.

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