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CS101-Intro to Computing Quiz MCQs Lecture 1-22 Midterm Objective Questions | SUPERSTARWEBTECH

CS101-Intro to Computing Quiz  MCQS #Objective #Questions #Midterm

1)       If a computer could pass the Turing test then it would be able to:

a.      Win a million-dollar prize

b.      Think like human beings

c.       Think but slower than human

d.      Do the things faster

2)     The name of first commercially available PC was:

a.      UNIVAC 1

b.      ENIAC

c.       EDVAC

d.      Altair 8800

3)     Babbage’s Analytical Engine could store information permanently in:

a.      Magnetic tape

b.      Floppy Disk

c.       Punched Cards

d.      None

4)     Punched cards were replaced by:

a.      Floppy disk

b.      Zip drives

c.       Magnetic Storage

d.      none

5)     Vacuum tubes were replaced by:

a.      transistors

b.      electrodes

c.       electric relays

d.      none

6)     WWW stands for:  

a.      Wide world web

b.      world wide web

c.       world white web

d.      world web wide

7)      Supercomputers are used in:

a.      weather forecasting

b.      Airplane manufacturing

c.       atomic bomb experiments

d.      all of the given

8)     ____ is a client program that uses http to make requests to web servers throughout the internet on behalf of the user web application:

a.      web browser

b.      internet

c.       application

d.      HTML

9)     The weaknesses of the computer are:

a.      pattern recognition and storage

b.      speed and innovative ideas

c.       pattern recognition and innovative ideas

d.      speed and storage

10)  ___ contains the name of the protocol required to access the resource, a domain name, that identifies a specific computer on the internet and a pathname on the computer:

a.      HTML

b.      HTTP

c.       URL

d.      WWW

11)    Web standards are being developed by:

a.      Mozilla

b.      Microsoft

c.       IBM

d.      World wide web consortium

12)   Ada, Countess of Lovelace developed first:

a.      Computer Website

b.      Computer Program

c.       Analytical Engine

13)   Charles Babbage was a/an:

a.      Mathematician

b.      computer scientist

c.       physician

d.      analyst

14)  ___ is the best-known builder for supercomputers:

a.      Sun

b.      Cray Research

c.       Microsoft

d.      Apple

15)   Cray-1 was first commercial ___ computer:

a.      Super

b.      mini

c.       micro

d.      personal

16)   The world first computer program was written to compute:

a.      simple sequence

b.      multiple sequence

c.       Bernoulli’s sequence

d.      increasing sequence

17)   The key strengths of computers are:

a.      speed

b.      storage

c.       do not get bored

d.      all of the given

18)  British scientist named John A. Fleming made a vacuum tube known today as a diode. Then the diode was known as a “valve”, is it true?

a.      True

b.      false

19)   “Every minute dies a man, and one and sixteenth is born” said by?

a.      Alfred, lord Tennyson

b.      Charles Babbage

c.       Ada, countess of Lovelace

d.      Babbage and lord Tennyson

20) Human are better than computer at:

a.      efficiency

b.      accuracy

c.       pattern recognition

d.      none

21)   URL is a/an:

a.      device

b.      component

c.       address

d.      tool

22) First web browser with a GUI was generally available in:

a.      1992

b.      1993

c.       1994

d.      1995

23) Web is a unique invention by humans in terms that it is:

a.      accessible to only the owner who control it

b.      accessible from particular locations only

c.       accessible to all humans

d.      accessible to only the educational institutes

24) URL http://www.msn.com_ ___ identifies a domain name:

a.      http

b.      www

c.       msn

d.      com

25) The memory size of the Altair 8800 was:

a.      128 bytes

b.      128 K bytes

c.       256 K bytes

d.      256 bytes

26) Using only HTML, we can create:

a.      dynamic web pages

b.      static web pages

c.       both static and dynamic

d.      none

27) Computers are good at:

a.      speed

b.      storage

c.       never bored

d.      all of the given

28) Web pages developed for humans as well computer understandings are called as:

a.      static web pages

b.      semantic web pages

c.       dynamic web pages

d.      Java web pages

29) What is the key feature of computer which is against human nature?

a.      Can’t get bored

b.      pattern recognition

c.       repetition

d.      none

30) The first ___ was invented at Bell laboratories on December 16, 1947 by William Shockley

a.      transistor

b.      vacuum tube

c.       punch card

d.      transmitter

31)   Deep blue was the name of:

a.      computer

b.      human

c.       city

d.      game

32) The browser breaks down the URL into __ parts:

a.      2

b.      3

c.       4

d.      5

33) First computer network was:

a.      NSFNET

b.      FIRSTNET

c.       ARPANET

d.      ORPHANET

34) Ada write a computer program for:

a.      Analytical Engine

b.      difference engine

c.       Harvard mark 1

d.      mechanical engine

35) Which of the following is Not true about modern computers?

a.      More powerful

b.      smaller in size

c.       consume less energy

d.      costly

36) The name of very first computer was:

a.      ABC

b.      BCD

c.       EDC

d.      NONE

37) CERN released WWW in:

a.      1992

b.      1993

c.       1994

d.      none

38) The greatest, shared resource of information created by humankind is:

a.      Web

b.      dictionary

c.       vocabulary

d.      glossary

39) ___   translates symbol of higher level language into machine language:

a.      Computer

b.      transistor

c.       compiler

d.      device

40) A user may access any item on the web through a:

a.      HTTP

b.      SMTP

c.       URL

d.      None

41)  ARPANET splits into two nets to keep military and non-military network sites separate, named:




d.      None

42) In 1997, _____ a supercomputer designed by IBM beat the world chess champion, Gary:

a.      ABC

b.      Deep Blue

c.       Altair 8800

d.      None

43) Babbage’s Analytical Engine-1833 was:

a.      Crank driven

b.      Machine driven

c.       car driven

d.      rubber driven

44)Punch cards were invented by:

a.      Charles Babbage

b.      Ada

c.       Joseph-Marie Jacquard

d.      None

45) Turing machine was introduced by Alan Turing in:

a.      1935

b.      1936

c.       1937

d.      1938

46) ENIAC contained ___ vacuum tubes, 70,000 resistors and 10, 000 capacitors:

a.      17,468

b.      16,468

c.       18,468

d.      None

47) Compared to vacuum tubes, transistors offer:

a.      smaller size

b.      better reliability

c.       lower power consumption and cost

d.      All of the given

48)Floppy disk was invented in ___ by Yoshiro Nakumatt’s:

a.      Turkey

b.      Tokyo

c.       Canada

d.      UK

49) World’s first universal microprocessor was:

a.      4004

b.      4002

c.       5004

d.      8008

50) First web browser with a graphical user interface was generally available in 1993:

a.      Yahoo

b.      Mosaic

c.       Google

d.      None

51)   Idea of semantic web given by WWW inventor:

a.      Tim Berners-Lee

b.      Charles Babbage

c.       Alan Turing

d.      IBM

52) In ____ TCP/IP protocols became the only set of protocols used on the ARPANET:

a.      1973

b.      1983

c.       1972

d.      None

53) HTTP stands for: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

54) ENIAC stands for: Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator

55) ARPANET stands for: Advanced Research Projects Agency

56) URL stands for: Universal Resource Locator

57) HTML stands for: Hypertext Markup language

58) ABC stands for: Atanasoff-Berry Computer