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MCM301 Communication Skills Quiz MCQs Lecture 25-30 Objective Questions | SUPERSTARWEBTECH

MCM301 Communication Skills OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS

MCM301-Communication Skills Quiz #Objective #Questions

1. Careful outlining of topics is helpful for all of the given reasons EXCEPT:
  • It improves the clarity of message
  • It saves writing time
  • It enables to emphasize properly the various topics in the message
  • It keeps the suspense in message ✔
2. All of the following statements about groups are true, EXCEPT:
  • Group members strive to achieve some common purpose
  • Group members influence and are influenced by one another
  • Group members are interdependent
  • Group members must interact face-to-face ✔
3. While determining the order of the topics, one should review the outline, keeping all of the following questions in mind. EXCEPT:
  • Are the ideas of equal importance presented in a parallel manner?
  • Is the sequence of the topics appropriate for the development method I am using?
  • Is the sequence of the topics likely to add clarity to my message?
  • Are related topics properly shuffled? ✔
4. Writing with you-attitude shows sincere ___ for the reader.
  • Apathy
  • Concern ✔
  • Sympathy
  • Curiosity
5. When do you think groups, rather than individuals working alone, should be used to solve a problem?
  • When the task requires a limited amount of information and skills
  • When a quick resolution is essential
  • When commitment to the decision is important ✔
  • When the task is fairly simple and straightforward
6. Which of the following is NOT the stage of effective business writing?
  • Planning Stage
  • Organizing Stage
  • Drafting Stage
  • Theater Stage ✔
7. Which one of the following would not be interpreted to mean brevity which will result in an incomplete message?
  • Conciseness ✔
  • Correctness
  • Consideration
  • Courtesy
8. When applied to business messages 'correctness' means all of the following EXCEPT:
  • Use the right level of language
  • Check accuracy of words, information, and data
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation
  • Check font style ✔
9. What is the basic requirement of Coordinating behavior?
  • It requires that group members be in the same geographic area
  • It requires the use of verbal communication only
  • It requires the use of nonverbal communication only
  • It requires the exchange of messages whether verbal or nonverbal ✔
10. ___ is the language of business correspondence written for a general readership.
  • Informal English ✔
  • Formal English
  • Common English
  • African English